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LabelPRO is our flagship template, it has the lastest and cutting-edge features.

This app has been a 2-year development and it doesn't disappoint. It's written in Swift 4 runs effortlessly in Xcode, your customers can enjoy a rich shopping experience on their device.

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Label StoreMAX IOS / Android

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Label StoreMAX is our fastest way to build an IOS and Android app since it only uses one codebase. The app uses the Flutter framework by Google to make all this possible, it's easy to setup and will work with your WooCommerce store. This app template for WooCommerce is free to download, get started today.

The app supports the Stripe payment gateway, localization for multilingual and different currencies. Learn more below.

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Label Store IOS / Android

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Label Store is one of the fastest WooCommerce templates which is packed with plenty of features. The design is responsive and it provides an easy checkout option for customers visiting the app.

Handle multiple payment gateways, multilingual and currency in the app. It's simple to set up, select a link below to learn more about each app.

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label store app

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Features Label Store
Label StoreMax
Label PRO
WooCommerce Stores 1 1 1
Max Products 2000 2000
Max Categories 2000 2000
Product Caching done done done
Category Caching done done done
WordPress Login/Register done done
Stripe done done done
PayPal done done
Apple Pay done
Push Notifications done
Smart Featured Products done
Category Home Tabs done

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